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New tab pets

Meet the Blimey - new extension with tons of cool pets and features
to create a special atmosphere every time you open a new tab.

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  • Cute Pets

    Fall in love with one for ages

  • Dozens Items

    Surprise your pet with a new items

  • Color Background

    No more boring white, just colors

  • Light/Dark Theme

    Take care of your eyes at night time

  • Search Bar

    Convenient search bar with hints

  • Shortcuts

    Set up to 8 links for quick access

Frequently asked questions

We have collected answers for you to the most popular questions that we will be asked about the work of Blimey - New tab

  • Why do I need to confirm the application of a new tab in the browser?

    If you do not confirm the new tab change to Blimey, you will not be able to use the extension.

  • How safe is it?

    Blimey - Net Tab Pets has passed all the checks of the Google Chrome store, which confirms that it is safe.

  • How many pets can be placed on the screen?

    You can only invite one pet to be with you.

  • How many items can I put next to my pet?

    Only one item can lie next to a pet.

  • Why are not all items available at once?

    This brings a fun element to your use of the extension. Stay with us for a long time and we will delight you more often :)

  • How can I edit the shortcut?

    You can edit the current shortcut. Hover your mouse over the button and select the menu, “edit” Don't forget to confirm your changes.

  • How do I create a shortcut?

    Click on the + button below the search bar and enter the name and domain of the new shortcut.

  • How to enable night mode?

    On the new tab Blimey - New Tab Pets in the upper right corner, click the options button and the list click on the dark theme icon

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